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If you are at your wit’s end and ready to do whatever it takes to get the results you crave… even BEYOND mastering your own eating habits, then BINGO! You just hit the jackpot!

Let me get straight to the point… A Private Mentorship is a one-to-one partnership like you have never seen anywhere else.  This is where you and I partner-up and hand-in-hand walk you across the finish line of your predetermined goals.

I specialize in helping clients get control of their nutrition by getting control of their eating habits.  What that looks like is YOU finally being successful at achieving the goals YOU’VE always wanted to nail down while eliminating the obstacles that stand in your way.

  • Release the addictions to sugar/flour/salt/oils
  • Learn secret preparation techniques that prevent you from eating things you wish you hadn’t eaten
  • Get enough to eat every single day without feeling guilty. . . ever
  • Start really WANTING to eat the food that’s good for you instead of forcing yourself to “eat right” because you know you “should”
  • Learn secrets to taking really good care of yourself
  • Master the strategies necessary to age gracefully, without fear of disease, illness, disability and “GETTING OLD”
  • Enjoy life without cravings
  • Reclaim your personal FREEDOM

Your Private Mentorship delivers the exact key strategies you need, at the exact time you need them, to get to the root of the problem and solve it once and for all.  No more playing small by just focusing on mere weight-loss.  When you understand the ROOT of your nutritional issues and habits, you can finally take control of your health, not just today, but the trajectory of your health even as you age into your later decades. 

We’re all getting older.  Do so with your optimal Mental and Physical health intact. 

  • You will learn what you NEED, what you WANT and why the two don’t always match.  (Very important)
  • You will learn a brand-new food paradigm that will satiate your appetites.
  • You will learn exactly how to grocery shop so you get what you need and want without breaking the bank.
  • You will learn some incredibly dynamic recipes you may never have seen before.  These recipes are designed to be completely healthy, delicious and fun to make without the downside of added toxins.
  • You will learn how to stock a fridge in very special ways so you can put meals together in a fraction of the time it takes to dish up “take out.”
  • You will learn how to respond to different social situations while maintaining your integrity, nutritional needs and relationships.
  • You will learn how to navigate and enjoy the holidays and other social settings where less-than-healthy fare is expected and traditional.
  • You are going to learn exactly how to take care of yourself.  All the strategies it takes to get you through unhealthy eating patterns, temptations, busy lifestyles and being surrounded by others who don’t share your desire to eat healthy.  I’ve been there, my clients have been there and my focus groups have been there.  We’ve seen it all so I’m going to hand-deliver these ultra-effective strategies right into your “behavioral DNA.”  You will master these strategies and you will be so incredibly proud of yourself!
  • It’s about your safety and security.  We cannot help that we are all getting older.  But taking good care of ourselves by finally learning to eat correctly, each and every day, is the best “insurance” on this Earth against getting old and falling apart.  How ever many years you have left to live, do so with your optimal health intact.

This is not the case here. The reason I even created the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits is because it WORKED for me and has worked for my clients as well. There is nothing about this program that is temporary.

I am not teaching you a quick fix… this is a lifetime curriculum that you master and then draw upon time and time again.  This isn’t some effort to lose a few vanity pounds.  This is about saving the trajectory of your health so you age with your physical and mental dignity and health intact.

My goal is to give you the information and expert guidance you need to maintain a state of optimal health on all levels FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. The reason this is so important is because you are human. At some point you will find yourself up against holiday temptations, pressures put on you by others, becoming hungry and weak and succumbing to the temptations of processed junk foods just because you are starving and the junk is handy. In this program you will learn how to understand yourself and your body on an intimate level, so you know exactly what to do when you veer off track.

I am not holding anything back from you in your Private Mentorship.  I am going to give you all of my secret, personal health formulas and strategies, so you will have everything you need to create and maintain a state of optimal wellness forever.

I took all the guesswork out of it for you.  All you have to do is take back your own control so you can claim your FREEDOM and have control over your life as you age. 

You will never again have to spend your money on diets that don’t work, search for someone else’s recipes that might be healthy and might taste good and might help you.  If you want the recipes that work, that satiate, and that are awesome to make, a Personal Mentorship is for you.

During Your Private Mentorship, you will be provided with all of the guidance and support you need to feel confident regarding your future health.  What we do to take care of ourselves is more powerful and more important than anything anyone else could do for us.  From this point on, you will know for sure that what you are doing is contributing to your health and not to future disease.

I am going to give you the exact tools you need to get your life back, to feel amazing in your own skin, to be confident in who you are, and to feel better than you ever thought possible.

Your Private Mentorship is designed specifically with you in mind.  I will work directly with you one-on-one.  I don’t hire people to do this for me.  I teach this material myself.  This program is specifically designed to deliver exactly what you need to live fully up to your potential of being the most vibrant, healthy YOU that you are meant to be.

You will have everything you need to implement your transformation in a way that is smooth and manageable.  A step-by-step, no-stress way of self-care that is delivered to you in a manageable way.  You will not be drinking from a “firehose” and you will not be “waiting for slower students to catch up.”  This curriculum is paced just for you.

It is not enough to have only your physical state balanced, but to truly live a balanced life, you must also tend to your mental and emotional states as well. This program gives you all of that.

As you move through this program, you will witness every aspect of your health being transformed. Not only will you feel energetic, empowered, beautiful, intelligent and healthy, but you will also exude health and confidence so abundantly that others will want what you have.

This program is a compilation of over 13 years of my own studies, personal experimentation, focus groups and work that I have done with countless clients, all streamlined in the most manageable way, so you can get long-lasting results in the most efficient way possible.

I have not just thrown this program together haphazardly; I have spent countless hours and years formulating it in a way that will work best for you. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, so that by the end of our time together, you have gone through an entire curriculum that will powerfully affect you for the rest of your life.


  • Weekly Training Calls with me where you get targeted coaching and support.
  • Fresh, delicious, and easy Recipes every month plus recipe creation instruction so you can learn to develop your own set of recipes.
  • Private Laser Calls on an as-needed basis even over and above the scheduled weekly calls to make sure this is working for you.
  • Bonus audio trainings and worksheets to solidify your mastery of the curriculum.
  • .Full-access to me as your Nutritional Living Coach via email and text.  Never again get lost in a group coaching program because you can’t ask a question when you have one.  I’m here for you and I’m committed to teaching you these skills.
  • OPTIONAL:  I have, when needed, jumped on a plane and flown out to visit clients, set up their kitchens, taught them how to use the kitchen tools, taken them shopping, hosted a VIP day teaching raw food skills and physically done the work for them because they needed the help.  I am fully committed to helping you get rid of bad eating habits and replacing them with good ones.  I will do WHATEVER it takes to help you.

Your own Private Mentorship is like nothing you have ever seen before.  This is not some weight-loss program.  Although, I have had Clients be over-joyed because of the weight they did lose, this program is so much more.  This is a skills-based program that will finally let you eat raw, organic fruits and veggies at every meal AND be happy about it.  You will not be starving.  You will not be thinking about food all the time.  You are going to be thrilled about getting healthier as you age.  This is like nothing else you’ve ever seen before.

Great News!  Because this particular program is just YOU & ME, I have openings that pop-up throughout the year.  Book a call with me by clicking on the purple CONTACT button below on the right.  You will be taken to my calendar where you can select a convenient time for your Free Nutritional Strategy Session.  I will call you on the time and date that you select and we’ll reserve a specific spot just for you, if this is the right fit for you. 

I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn these skills.  Some people are more suited to begin their learning process in the Mastery Class.  Others learn better in a one-to-one situation. 

If you are ready to take control of your health, not just for today, but really ready to create a plan and a foundation for the future of your long-term health, then click on the pop-up calendar on the bottom of this page and let’s talk.

I am going to be completely honest here, the information in this program is what changed the entire direction of my life. Not only did I lose all the extra weight and restore my health back from the auto-immune disorder known as Rheumatoid Arthritis and a host of other major illnesses, but the real gold was that I learned the skills I needed to love and respect myself in a way I never had before.  This allowed me to break old eating patterns that were addictive, old thinking patterns that caused me to waste precious time and energy and create the type of abundance and success that most people only dream of.

I could never have achieved this transformation without this work.

Mastering the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits is going to provide you with a proven formula for success.  You will be able to distinguish real food from fake food and never again be fooled by artificial substitutes for the real deal.  Learning to feed yourself can be the most liberating education you ever gave yourself. 

The great thing however, is you don’t have to try to “figure it out” anymore. And you don’t have to do it alone.  I’m going to hand you the solutions on a silver platter, making your success much faster and easier.

There’s a reason why my clients stay with me for years… it’s because they get results and want to share those results with others in this community. Once you start to heal from conditions you thought were permanently incurable, lose the extra weight, break free from food addiction, learn culinary skills you didn’t even know even existed, you will feel AMAZING, even EMPOWERED… you will want to share your results too!

Your whole life will change… not just your health.

I have clients who work their way off prescribed medications under their doctor’s supervision.  Some clients finally get a handle on formerly uncontrollable blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, depression and weight problems.  I have clients who reverse the signs of difficult diseases like Diabetes and other auto-immune disorders.  I have clients who improve relationships and even get pay raises at work. There are clients who rebuild their health after being told there was no hope at all.  I have clients who improve the health of their entire families because they finally learn culinary skills that influence those around them. So many amazing shifts happen!

My lawyer tells me I have to make it clear that there are no guarantees.  I have to tell you that I’m not promising you the impossible.  But what I can tell you is that I, and many others like me, have found enormous benefits from adopting a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle with a heavy emphasis on RAW FOOD.  I am going to do everything in my power to help you adopt these 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits so that these habits STICK with you for the rest of your life.  In that way, you will have more success than the clients of any other program out there.  We don’t succeed by trying something once in a while.  We succeed by adopting healthful skills and allowing those skills to compound over time.   I am here to stand for you.  I want you to have these benefits like I did.  Raw Food is a miracle for me and I believe that if the human population of the western world adopted this way of eating, we could collectively solve the healthcare crisis in America.  I believe THAT with every fiber of my being.  And I exist to make that happen, for me and for YOU.  Are you ready to get started?

GOOD NEWS!!  It’s quite reasonable.  But you still have to schedule a call with me to make sure your getting the most up-to-date information.  Just click on the “Contact” button below and schedule a time that’s convenient for you.  I’ll call you on the date and time you select and answer all of your questions including, “How much is it?”

That said, I’m aware that many people have money fear. It’s strangling them and holding them back from ever getting what they really want in life.  I know because I lived in that space for a long time and it was very painful. It was a scarcity mindset that blocked me from following my heart and dreams.

The first time I said YES to real mentorship, I was scared to death. I over analyzed everything about the program and the teachers. I had been convincing myself I could figure it out on my own but then I would go crash and burn AGAIN, until I finally got to the point where I took the leap of faith…

Even though I was scared, I took courage anyway, because in my opinion, the alternative was no longer an option for me.

And that’s when my life finally turned around.

With consistent training, accountability and support from someone who had stood in my shoes before, understood how and why I was holding myself back, and could actually “hear” the self-defeating conversation that was happening in my mind, I finally broke free!

If you allow yourself to keep spinning in the self-defeating vicious cycle of emotional eating, hiding who you really are behind layers of social pressure and bad habits, trying to protect yourself from being hurt again, and thinking you’re not good enough to have what you really need… you will be robbing yourself of the rich life experiences and deep love that is waiting for you… all because of money fear.

Hiring my Mentor was the best thing I ever did for myself because motivation and inspiration are unreliable. But when you have a good Mentor, you have someone who has your back and is taking a stand for you in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

It changes your life exponentially and will be the BEST money you ever spend.  It certainly was for me, hands down.

You will gain the knowledge and tools you need to be completely free of fear, doubt, and behaviors that sabotage your health forever. You will know how to create what you really want in your life because you will finally have complete control over your food, pantry, fridge, grocery cart, nutritional habits and your entire life, even when traveling.

When you get these types of skills and know-how, you will actually attract more freedom and opportunity into your life.  Because “money fear” is the same negative “scarcity energy” that limits not just money, but all the other good things as well. If you don’t feel worthy of spending money on yourself, you may also assume that you really don’t deserve a lifetime of health, happiness and wellness.  And that simply isn’t true for anyone.  Each and every one of us absolutely IS ENTITLED to live a life free of disease and illness.  But we must stop the behaviors that cause disease and replace those behaviors with new behaviors that allow wellness to flow. Wellness is the natural state.  Disease is unnatural. 

If you are willing to learn patterns of new behaviors that will support your health, click on the Contact button below.  Select a time for us to talk and I will answer all of your questions.

I can’t wait to meet you!!



can I help?

My passion, of course, is restoring vital health while maintaining that energy through correct Eating Habits. And I can work with individuals privately, not just in a group setting like the Mastery class. Life is larger than just what we eat. We eat well to protect our health so we have the ability to venture successfully into the many other areas that life has to offer – like relationships, business/career, family, education, physical achievement or faith.

I love working with Men and Women One-On-One

  • To Accomplish Goals
  • To Build and Improve Relationships
  • To Negotiate & Strategize Difficult Circumstances
  • To Make Decisions
  • To Teach You Strategies of Self-Care and Life-Saving Eating Habits

There is nothing more valuable in my life than to make a difference for someone else. I accept new clients on an on-going basis when I have an opening. If you can see the advantages in having a Mens quality partner who provides private attention and on-going support when and where you need it most, then we should have a conversation.

  • Do you remember the last time you had a difficult path ahead of you?
  • How did you make decisions when you were faced with challenges?
  • How did you take care of yourself when life became stressful?

If you can see the advantages of securing your own private partner who is very well educated and a highly-intelligent sounding board for the ideas and issues life is dumping in your lap . . .

If you remember all too well that life can be demanding while we struggle to make difficult decisions, be creative, perform and succeed all while appearing to remain calm and balanced . . .

If ultimately you can take advantage of the opportunity of having a silent partner in your corner who is always available to you, providing exquisite, highly personalized, very private Mensa-quality communication and listening skills, professional experience and intimate knowledge of the human condition . . .

Then contact me and let’s take care of your on-going needs with regular, predictable support.

Ultimately, I am here to serve. If your unmet needs delve into the various areas of life beyond Nutrition and Eating Habits, you can still depend on me for that extra ear to listen, that third eye for clarity or the second heart to achieve balance.

My name is Jeannie Hughes

I am looking forward to our time together!

Click here to go to my calendar and schedule your call. We’ll visit for up to 45 minutes and assess your needs and craft the plan to get from where you are to where you need to be. If I can help you right now, I absolutely will. If you would benefit from an on-going private partnership, we can iron out those details too.

Click here to go to my calendar and schedule a free 45-minute Strategy Session.

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