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Hi, my name is Jeannie Hughes. I’d like to take just a second to tell you how Faithful Palate began and how I went from having a host of incurable diseases to completely healthy in 18 months.

Are you interested?

I was still in my 30s with 2 children left at home, when I emerged from the physician’s office sicker than I had ever been in my life up to that point.  There wasn’t a square inch of my body that didn’t have something seriously wrong with it. Over the past decade, I was diagnosed with a variety of conditions, most of which could be treated, none of which could be cured.

Some of these conditions were labelled anxiety, depression, TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome), herpes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, overweight and even underweight at one point, extremely high cholesterol, menstrual issues, chronic migraine headaches, and finally, the autoimmune disorder known as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

I didn’t receive the news very well, but I learned that my RA could only be treated, never cured.  I was told that RA would progress throughout my body debilitating me slowly such that I was quite likely to be wheelchair-bound before my boys graduated high school.  I went through all the standard emotions like denial, anger, hatred, blaming others, you name it, I felt it.

I was divorced at this time and my ex-husband and I shared custody of my boys.  I’ll never forget that day I was driving home with my boys in the back seat when I came to a stop in a line of traffic.  I sat there with my foot on the brake and my car began creeping forward.  My eldest son, Christian, shouted, “Mommy!” and there I sat, both feet stomped on the brake, left arm reaching around the back of the steering wheel with my right hand gripping the top of it for leverage.  It was literally all I could do to keep the car stopped.  My physical strength was so weak that I couldn’t even drive home safely.

It dawned on me at that moment that I was too sick to safely mother my children.  I had been a divorce lawyer for nearly a decade so I knew that if I didn’t get well, I could lose custody of my kids and my children wouldn’t have a mother.  That was not an option.  At that moment, I was motivated like I’ve never been motivated before.  The fear and the very reality of slowly becoming disabled was suddenly greater than my lack of “know-how” or any other feeling on Earth.  I would find a way or make a way or beg, borrow or steal a way to solve this problem.

I did not ever want to hear again that my health was permanently gone.  And I would never accept that there was nothing I could do about it.  I would fix this problem at any price and regardless of any lesser consequence.  I wanted my body back and I wanted my freedom restored to me.  I was convinced that losing my physical capacity just wasn’t God’s plan for my life.  I just knew it.  I was going to solve this problem, I just didn’t know how yet.

After learning all I could from every specialist, doctor and clinic that would give me an appointment, I began researching online.  I wasn’t finding anything remotely helpful at first, so as a last resort, I finally did what I should have done in the first place — hit my knees and prayed with every fibre of my being.

I found myself whimpering in prayer, begging for help and support to do it all my way.  Finally, I just let go and invited my Heavenly Father to take control of my life because I finally understood that my choices (whatever they may have been) had gotten me right where I was at that moment, which was a terrible place.  My decisions and my strategies sucked.  Obviously!  Or else I wouldn’t have been in that situation at all.  I needed the strategies of God Himself.

After a few hours and a lot of tears, these words kept echoing in my soul, “Come, follow me.”  I didn’t understand what that was supposed to mean, but I kept hearing it all the time.  Every time I got dressed, “Come, follow me,” so I’d dress a little more modestly.  Every time I interacted with my children, “Come, follow me” so I’d be a little more patient.  Then into my kitchen, I’d begin to prepare food and those words came back again, “Come, follow me.”  I remember being in the grocery store selecting products off the store shelves and reading labels so carefully and I’d hear those words again, “Come, follow me.”  I’d see someone else’s name on food labels and instinctively I knew that wasn’t God’s food.  None of this made much sense yet, but it made more sense than being sick.  So, I kept listening and yielding to the enticings of the Spirit.

Then one day something miraculous happened.  I was in the shower and was trying a new shampoo that had a pump on it.  I was supposed to extract the product from its container by pumping the dispenser with my index finger.  I tried every vantage point to gain leverage and tried to use various fingers, but I didn’t have the strength to pump the dispenser and I set the bottle down. I looked at my hands very carefully and all I could see were bent up bones and curved skinny fingers.  I was heartbroken.  I felt a huge lump in my throat.  Tears streamed down my face because I hadn’t even made the decision about having more children, yet here I was turning into an old lady without my consent and I was desperate for help.  I couldn’t even wash my hair.   All I could whimper was “Father are you there?” and all I heard was “Come, follow me.”

I went onto my computer to reorder some pain medication and I observed the name on the label.  It wasn’t God’s name so I didn’t place the order.  I kept looking online and I found this book about Cancer.  I don’t know why, but I bought the book.  It arrived overnight and I read it feverishly.  I didn’t have cancer, but I was “following Him.”  On one of the Chapters about a cancer remedy, it talked about the Budwig protocol and how Dr Joanna Budwig was nominated seven times for the Nobel prize for her special recipe that cured everything from viruses to cancer.  Arthritis was listed as one of the illnesses this recipe helped. This was the beginning of using my kitchen to find solutions for my health.

I made this recipe daily for 3 weeks.  Finally, one morning I noticed that it didn’t hurt to put on my right shoe.  It didn’t hurt to sit on my bed with my legs dangling.  It also didn’t hurt to stretch.  My interest was piqued.  Something was changing.  Something was working.  This was no coincidence.  I was finally on the right path.

Where else does this path lead?

I continued with the cottage cheese and flax oil Budwig protocol recipe every day for a few more weeks.  I started to read more scripture and learn about what I was supposed to eat and not eat.  I read Daniel in the Old Testament and being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka Mormon, I also read scripture we call the Word of Wisdom printed in Doctrine and Covenants section 89.  I took these scriptures apart, word by word and researched them to the very last word.  I figured that I was supposed to eat plants.  I examined my diet at that time and unbeknownst to me, I discovered that I had self-destructive eating habits.  My diet looked like I never even read scripture.  Like I never even knew dietary right from wrong.  I had no idea that my eating habits were as bad as they were.

I was completely oblivious to my dietary habits and how wrong they were.

A bite of this and a taste of that put me on a slippery slope leading me rapidly into the pit of disease and pain requiring God himself to lift me out.  My refrigerator was stocked with eggs, and boiled eggs for quick eating, baked potatoes, leftover mac & cheese, plus left-over pizza, blue cheese salad dressing, pork chops, lunch meat, pasta, chicken, beef, milk, bread, peanut butter, jelly, rice, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, two different flavors of raw cookie dough I politely ate with a spoon, chocolate frosting and cream cheese frosting, four different kinds of yogurt and three different kinds of cheese.  My freezer had ice cream, popsicles, microwave dinners, frozen chicken, pork and beef for crockpot dinners, frozen French fries, some frozen bags of vegetables and a bag of ice.  My pantry had six different kinds of crackers, microwave popcorn, five different kinds of cold cereal, canned fruits, tang, hot chocolate mix, instant oatmeal and instant cream of wheat packets.

If you are a health nut already, it was probably painful just to read that last paragraph.  But the truth wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t admit that I still ate most of my meals in restaurants, and not good ones.  I ate for taste, emotions, relationships, price and convenience and I just assumed that my body would take whatever nutrition it needed from whatever I gave it.  The truth is, I had the worst diet of anyone I have ever known, before or since.  Looking back, I’m amazed at how low on the list real nutrition really was for me.  Nutrition was just sort of assumed and eating happened for way too many other reasons.

It was time to make some real changes.....but how?

Being a lifelong student and having gotten pretty good at reading and discerning information in law school, subsequent law practice and various Mensa groups, I began a long path of deep research, something most people don’t have enough hours in the day for if they have jobs, bills, and families to raise.  But because I was determined to learn whatever it would take to restore my health, I became obsessed with learning nutrition and comparing cultural eating habits.

Steering clear of the fad diets, I discovered that there are three main approaches to real human nutrition:  The China Study’s approach, the Westin A. Price Foundation’s approach and a governmental approach.  I poured through all of it, prayed about every move I could make and then with a prayerful, listening ear, made wiser choices than I’ve ever made before.

Step by step, little by little, I learned what to eat.  I learned what not to eat.  And I also learned that I needed culinary training if I was going to sustain myself long-term eating correctly.  I simply wasn’t used to eating a steady diet of whole, raw, ripe fruits and vegetables with lots of greens and a few nuts and seeds.  The human in me was still a little resistant.  I was used to eating a lot of processed foods, a lot of animal products and a whole lot of restaurant fare.

That’s why here at Faithful Palate, we exist to teach Ordinary People how to Achieve Extra-Ordinary Eating Habits, so we can fundamentally safeguard the trajectory of human health as we age.

One of the hardest things for me to overcome, once I learned the truth about nutrition and the teachings of Natural Hygiene, was that I didn’t like real food.  My taste buds were so poisoned and out of shape that I wasn’t able to eat the whole, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables that held the nutrients my body needed to heal itself.  It’s like not only was my health broken, but my tools to fix it were too.  If I didn’t learn to overcome my picky eating habits, I was quite literally going to eat myself to death.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had spent decades literally poisoning myself with every bite.  And now here I am, a well-educated mother without the discipline to feed myself, let alone set a proper example for my children.  I was starting to finally see how much trouble I was really in.  I knew what I needed to do, but I just couldn’t do it alone.  I needed help.

As my body began to rebuilt itself from the ground up, I was able to benefit from the Budwig Protocol early on.  Eventually, I stopped relying on that recipe and turned toward whole, raw, ripe fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts, nuts and seeds.  I practiced what I could using available raw produce and then ultimately, I attended the Living Light Culinary Institute founded by my mentor Cherie Soria.  A whole new world of food and eating was opened up to me.  When I first enrolled, I didn’t even know how to make a salad dressing.  While I was there, I learned the skills to feed myself correctly and sustainably.  I no longer depend on restaurants or processed foods or microwaves or animal products to feed myself.  I finally have the skills and the habits to feed myself correctly.

Do you want to know how I did it?

I found systems to eat fruits and vegetables, greens, nuts and seeds every day.  I feed myself with smoothies, juices, salads and dressings I love, wraps I make filled with more fruits, veggies and sprouts. I learned how to make wraps and chips out of fruits and veggies and greens and seeds.  I sometimes enjoy desserts made with fruit and sometimes nuts.  I discovered several supplements provided by nature, not big box stores.  And finally, when I travel, I remember to take my faithful palate with me and I never let anyone else “poison” me anymore.

Why do I do all of this?

Because nothing tastes as good as being Healthy feels.

Today, I do not have any traces of the diseases that were stealing my life and my freedom.  I am healthy and I don’t experience pain. I have no prescriptions at all.   I love having a healthy body, and more than anything, I love sharing this message of love, nutrition, discipline and freedom.  Because learning what the right choices are, is very different than having the right to make other choices.

The peace and the freedom that comes from having a healthy body and mind is precious and it cannot be substituted with anything else.  Whether we remember every day or not, the physical mind and body that we have are the most intimate tools we have on this Earth.  There is no equal to the body and mind we were given.  Likewise, there is no equal for its care and feeding than that which mother nature has provided.

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “To those much is given, much is required.”  Well, I have certainly been given much and that is why I have build Faithful Palate.  I have a healed, healthy body now.  I have been pulled out of the pit that I got myself into, but that I could not get myself out of alone.

The path to wellness included learning what to eat, learning how to feed myself and transitioning my palate from extremely picky to faithful.  Nothing will serve our health better than having a faithful palate. That is — a palate faithful to your own body’s health — and not to some other commercial enterprise.  Your palate should be faithful to you and the health of your mind and body and nothing else.

Here at Faithful Palate, we want to help you turn away from the toxic food environment that we all must live in today.  Temptation is everywhere.  So is disease.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that half of all Americans will have some kind of Cardiovascular Disease by 2025 while the other half of us will be touched by Cancer.

Which statistic do you want to be?


That’s why here at Faithful Palate, we exist to teach Ordinary People how to Achieve Extra-Ordinary Eating Habits, so we can fundamentally safeguard the trajectory of human health as we age.

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