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Getting Older?

Every single one of us is aging.  The CDC claims that by 2025 half of all American adults will have some kind of heart-related disease, while the other half of us are affected by cancer.

Which statistic do you want to be?  Me either!

So, what are you doing to prevent yourself from becoming that statistic?

If you’re like most people, the truth is, “Nothing.”

How many more years do you have before deteriorating mental or physical health impacts your life?

  • Do you delay routine checkups fearing they will result in another diagnosis, prescription or surgery?
  • Are you already living with a diagnosis you feel powerless to control?
  • Do you take prescriptions you wish you didn’t need?
  • Do you lose sleep at night worrying what life will be like if you’re ever diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease or cancer?
  • Do you secretly fear getting older because you think your health is bound to get worse?
Would you like to know for sure that you’re aging healthier, instead of getting sicker?
Then it’s no accident you’re here.
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I love working with individuals and groups to assist in readjusting eating habits.  By readjusting your eating habits, you can successfully leave behind the toxic food environment that we all must live in — and you can do it at your own pace.  I help you learn better nutrition.  Then I help you create a path to implement what you’ve learned into your life.

No longer will you know that you shouldn’t eat something, but still “indulge occasionally” for decades at a time continuing to have on-going illness.  I teach you how to recognize, prepare for and then prevent modern human weaknesses from getting in the way of your health.  I teach unique culinary skills that satiate your appetites.  You will learn how to feed yourself in ways that create long-term health.  Release your fears of degenerative diseases because now you are living a lifestyle that promotes health.

Put yourself in control of your physical & mental health.  Don’t leave something so important to chance.  Hedge your bets in favor of YOUR health.

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