Top 5 Reasons to Quit Reading Food Labels Today

Top 5 Reasons to Quit Reading Food Labels Today

Would it seem strange to you to pick up a zucchini and turn it over to read the label? How about a bag of asparagus, or a single apple?

Yet, when we buy a frozen apple pie, the label lists dozens of ingredients. You probably don’t recognize half of them. Here’s the truth: real food — what you should be eating — doesn’t need a label. Here are five reasons why.


  1. Marketing is Misleading

Are you attracted to food labels that tout such lines as “good source of protein” or “excellent source of whole grain”? If so, you’ve fallen victim to corporate marketing ploys. Here’s the dirty truth — the wording on most food labels is far from truthful. In fact, food marketers push labelling claims to the limits of FDA compliance. Processed food labels should read “loaded with toxins” or “topped off with preservatives,” but those truths wouldn’t be good for business.  After all, any second-year student in business school knows there are only two things a Marketing Agent must present: features & benefits.  That’s it.  If it’s not a feature with a benefit, keep quiet.


  1. Ingredient Lists Are Incomplete

Worse than what’s included on the labels of most processed foods is what’s not included. Did you know that genetically modified foods (GMOs) are still not required to be listed on food labels? As such, if you prepare processed foods at home or eat in restaurants, you and your family are most likely consuming genetically modified ingredients whether you want to be or not. Since so many questions regarding GMOs are still unanswered, ask yourself one simple question: Are you comfortable with being a food company’s lab rat? Well, by consuming GMOs, that’s exactly what’s happening. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is another ingredient that isn’t required to be listed on food labels if it’s part of other spice groupings. The examples continue from there and are frightening realities of what your family is unknowingly consuming each day. No wonder the country is in a health crisis.


  1. Nutrient Lists Are Bogus

Consumers often read the nutrient lists of processed foods and carefully select products with high vitamin percentages. What they don’t realize is that those nutrient lists are pointless. The only real and effective source for obtaining the nutrients your body needs is from real food, not processed food stuffs. The “nutrients” included in processed foods are quickly flushed out of your body because they aren’t offered in a form your body recognizes. As such, the only thing you’re filling up on when eating processed food is empty calories and a lot of marketing lies.


  1. Processed Foods Are Toxic Foods

From preservatives to chemical food colorings and beyond, processed foods are loaded with toxins. In fact, more than 14,000 man-made chemicals are currently being added to nearly every processed food in the grocery store and in common restaurants. These foods (chemicals) may be cheap and convenient, but they’re far from healthy … and they certainly aren’t what your body needs.


  1. Personal Responsibility Is Best

In a world of cheap, processed and convenient foods, consumers have come to rely on corporate food producers to tell them what to eat, rather than stepping up and taking personal responsibility for what goes into their bodies. Make the switch by returning to real foods and raw foods that don’t require labelling to tell you what they are. Start growing your own food or find a local organic farmer you trust.

Colorful, flavorful and nutrient-dense food is the only food your body needs.

Don’t fall victim to food labels and the marketing ploys of food companies any longer. Make the switch to real foods and never read a label again.

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