5 Reasons to Try the Raw Food Diet

5 Reasons to Try the Raw Food Diet

The phrases “raw food diet” and “raw food lifestyle” may seem intimidating to you, but they really shouldn’t. In a world full of conflicting diet programs, misleading food labels and highly-processed foodstuffs, a raw diet can help you let go of total “food confusion.”

Sidestep the confusion and enjoy food as it was meant to be eaten by learning more about the raw food lifestyle. Here are five reasons we all should make the switch.


  1. Enjoy Increased Energy

Caffeinated energy drinks and energy bars packed with sugar and excito-toxins can’t hold a candle to the energy punch that comes from raw food. Fruits and vegetables eaten in their natural state contain the nutrients we all need in a form our bodies can process most efficiently. Newbies to the raw food lifestyle often experience a brief period of withdrawal from the processed foods they’ve long eaten. However, after the switch is complete, previous problems of blood sugar fluctuations, afternoon tiredness and seasonal sick days suddenly disappear and are replaced by sustained energy, mental clarity and daily health.


  1. Nourish Your Body and Mind

Never again will you be misled by the labels of processed foods touting high levels of vitamins and minerals. The only way to give your body the nutrients it truly needs is by adopting a raw food lifestyle, or at least by incorporating increasing amounts of organic, raw fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Raw foods are packed with vitamins in their most natural state and, when consumed, those foods pass along their nutrients to your body in an easily digestible manner. Wonder why you’ve never heard of bio-photons, enzymes, vitamin B-17 and so on? It’s because these nutrients are killed during food processing and that just doesn’t make for pretty marketing on the packaging labels.


  1. Reconnect with Nature

In a land ripe with fast food lines, frozen meals, and preservative-rich food products, most consumers have little or no understanding of what real food is anymore or how it’s grown. This is a dangerous trend as it leads to an increased willingness to accept certain products as food even when they hold no resemblance to the original, living, nutrient-dense food in its natural state.

A nutrient-dense lifestyle reconnects you with nature and helps you acquire a full understanding of the farm-to-table process. By visiting farmers markets, you can meet local farmers who work diligently to grow safe and organic fruits and vegetables. By planting your own garden, you become fully immersed in the food growing process and develop a complete appreciation for the work Nature puts into creating raw food.


  1. Lead a Cleaner Life

Feel a little dirty while walking past the grocery store’s frozen food aisles? From wasteful packaging to harmful preservatives, prepackaged foods lead consumers down the path of food sickness rather than toward food health.

Lead a cleaner lifestyle by adopting the principles of natural hygiene, including a vegan diet and a commitment to using organic products. Raw food comes directly from the soil and requires no wasteful packaging when making its way from the field to your plate.


  1. Avoid Being a Lab Rat

Much controversy is currently centered on the rise of genetically-modified foods (GMO). That controversy is producing more questions than answers and leaving consumers confused and scared. The bottom line is that no one yet knows how GMOs may affect humans and, as many laws currently stand, consumers can be used as GMO lab rats without our knowledge or even giving our consent.


Not a fan of being someone’s lab rat? Take a stand by adopting a raw food lifestyle and by reaching for organic produce at the grocery store. Even better, grow your own food using heirloom quality seeds to maintain complete control over your food source.

Feed your family the nutrients they deserve by adopting a raw food lifestyle.

There are many great reasons to adopt a raw food lifestyle.

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